Water Crisis, Summerstrand Residents – Don’t Panic

Stanford Slabbert writes: I called the NMBM JOC Water Department at 5.30 pm exactly today and they confirm that the entire Summerstrand will have access to water in a couple of hours.

They are waiting to have the reservoir full of water before opening the main tap for this area.

The water-tank truck is at the Mercado Centre – Summerbreezz Spar for the rest of the evening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Stanford Slabbert

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Werner Senekal is the caretaker councillor of Ward 1 in the Nelson Mandela Metro. Contact Werner on 041 583 1732 / 083 283 0410 / ward1[at]mandelametro.gov.za

  • Mike


  • Tim

    A couple is 2. Three hours later, still no water. Get it right or keep quiet.

    • TwistedSista

      According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Couple can mean “an indefinite small number : few ”
      So the statement isn’t necessarily incorrect.

      • Tim

        Perhaps you care to evaluate that definition by using it in various contexts. As in “Don’t the three of them make a lovely couple?”

        • TwistedSista

          That is English for you
          Here are the options from Merriam Webster, but couple referring to time can be indefinite

          cou·ple noun
          ?k?-p?l; “couple of” is often ?k?-pl?(v)
          Definition of COUPLE1a : two persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically pairedb : two persons paired together 2: pair, brace 3: something that joins or links two things together: asa : two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel linesb : a pair of substances that in contact with an electrolyte participate in a transfer of electrons which causes an electric current to flow4: an indefinite small number : few

          • http://www.mype.co.za Alan

            So my wife and I are a couple – is that a twosome or a threesome? :-)

          • TwistedSista

            Depends on your eye sight, the wildness of your dreams and of course a couple too many Fanta Browns. Unfortunately the relationship couple doesn’t relate to time, so it is only 2. :-)

  • Tim

    Four hours.

  • Tim

    14 hours.

  • Belinda

    According to the above post, we should have had water by 8am yesterday. it is now 48 hours since the pipe was restored and we still have no water

    • http://www.mype.co.za Alan

      A couple of hours would have been 7:30 pm on 6 August 2012. That would have made the wait up until right now 12 hours and 15 minutes. All semantics, though, when one doesn’t have water.

      Once again I now understand why the Walmer Residents went on the rampage – they have been waiting for years and not days.

  • http://www.mype.co.za Alan

    See Summerstrand update to water crisis here: http://mype.co.za/new/2012/08/summerstrand-water-crisis-update/

  • GarethC

    XKCD on a few, a copuple, several etc. : http://xkcd.com/1070/

    for humour purposes only.