News Article

We are looking for a certain standard and provide these handy hints to help you:

  1. Answer the 5W’s and 1H: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.
  2. Be objective (keep opinions and ‘flowery language’ out of the story).
  3. Get your facts right.
  4. Don’t plagiarise.
  5. Give credit where it is due.
  6. Cite references.
  7. Provide URL’s so that your readers can discover more.
  8. Rather be accurate than first.
  9. Start with the most important facts first and follow with supporting information.
  10. Don’t copy and paste your press release from word processing software – use notepad or other.

The press releases that gain the most attention adhere to the above guidelines, are entertaining and are NOT pure sales pitches.

  • Short, concise and to the point
  • Select the Category that most suits your news
  • Check the guidelines above.
  • You will make our lives a lot easier if you crop the image to a MAXIMUM width of 600 pixels BEFORE uploading. Thank You.
  • A comma separated list of the most important keywords in your article (5 Maximum)
  • Your name will be included as the author of the article
  • A link to your web site will be included under your name

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