AFCON Host City vs Opening Black Bags for Food

Why does this Metro Council and in particular the Sport, Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services Committee fail to acknowledge the fact that funds are not available for events of this sort, or for that matter, for anything else? Are the ANC not aware of the outrage shown by the poor in the informal settlements in the Metro, emphasizing the lack of basic essential services available to them?

The availability of funding for the AFCON 2012/13 TOURNAMENT is questionable to say the least. Where the R11 691 000 will come from and how the NMBM can approve this expenditure, when it is quite clear that the funds are not available, baffles me? My heart goes out to those poorest of the poor who live in conditions not fit for human habitation and for whom the ANC would appear to have no interest except at Election time!

I must ask the question, how would ANC Councillors on this committee feel if they had to walk the streets and open black bags on the pavements to look for food? I spoke to six presentable young men in Park Drive this morning. They were searching for something to eat in these bags in order to alleviate their hunger!

This irresponsible decision to support the AFCON Tournament will without doubt be the final nail in the coffin for the ANC as the Governing Party in our once beautiful Metro.


J S G Davis
Ward 5 Councillor

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Port Elizabethan

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  • AlgoaBaysider

    This one could be easy: No they don’t give a damn for their own or anyone else but themselves and secondly the money will come from the increased electricity tariffs imposed in July 2012. I have not heard anyone griping too loudly or marching in the streets to oppose it so that must surely be viewed as silent approval.
    So pay up each time you buy electricity you are supporting some lavish lifestyle somewhere!