Woman Stabbed in Shopping Centre

Dear Editor

A woman, age and race unknown, was stabbed at 11h00 today, in the bathroom facilities of 17th Quarter Shopping Centre.

One of the suspects is wearing a white shirt and black Jeans.

Further details of injuries are unknown.

Eye on Community

Update: The suspects apparently followed the woman into the bathroom, kicked the toilet door open and stabbed her badly.

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Port Elizabethan

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  • Fanie

    The information is incorrect. The lady was not stabbed but hit over the head with a blunt object hidden in a bag. No toilet door was kicked open as both the suspects, a male and female, was waiting inside one of the cubicles for a victim.

  • http://www.mype.co.za Alan

    We appreciate you clarifying the situation Fanie – thank you.

  • http://www.mype.co.za Alan

    This update was emailed to me: A White female, Petula Korkie (40), an employee at Trellidor, was assaulted and stabbed this morning, 13 April 2012 at 11:00 am inside the 17th Quarter Shopping Centre toilets in Port Elizabeth. Two black males kicked the toilet door open and started attacking her and stabbed her on the head. She is currently in a stable condition and recovering at The Life St George’s Private Hospital in Port Elizabeth. She received 16-stitches for the head wound.