Red Windmill

The Red Windmill roadhouse was an icon on Hobie Beach, but progress and the need to make more money led to the disappearance of the Red Windmill as a roadhouse.

Hands up those who remember the Sugarbush, Something Good and Flat Rocks roadhouses as well?

I was reminded of the Red Windmill’s ‘infamous’ tag line; “Flick your lights for service” and had to hunt out this image in recognition of all the less than sober idjuts who climbed out of their vehicles and proceeded to subject their headlights to carnal thrusting movements as their myopic gaze had misinterpreted the word Flick as being a four letter word.

Red Windmill. Image: MyPE

Uploaded by: Alan Straton
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Alan Straton

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  • TheKing

     Something Good building standing empty for years is just yet another reminder of how the ANC led clowns in our metro are destroying small, family owned businesses.
    The same can be said for Flat Rocks (Hugo’s), which was flattened about 18 years ago…